What is it?
The camp is a miniaturized version of the regular Police Academy geared toward youth exploring the possibility of a career in Law Enforcement.  The seven day camp is sponsored and run by the Michigan Law Enforcement Youth Advisory Committee (M.L.E.Y.A.C.).  It is geared toward teaching youths aged 14 to 20 the basics of law enforcement.  The youths are required to follow basic military guidelines such as addressing staff as “sir” or “maam” and certain academy officers are required to be saluted.  The youths are not only taught police procedures and techniques but also the value of respect and discipline.  They are required to participate in physical training every day.  Each youth is placed in a platoon where their “drill instructors” teach them the core values of Teamwork, Dedication, Quality and Service.  By the end of the week the recruits graduate,provided they have met the minimum requirements and pass all applicable tests.
Youths are divided into different platoons depending on their experience at the academy.  Youths attending the academy for the first time are placed together and their drill instructors teach them the basics of academy life and military style discipline.  Second year youths are placed in platoons that allow their drill instructors to further their training from their first year.  Youths who have attended two or more academies are placed in the First Platoon.  This platoon is our advanced platoon and receives specialized training along with more priveleges.  The First Platoon also establishes a mock Police Department at the academy and youths respond as a Police Officer to various crimes.  Staff members are role players for First Platoon and assist them in the response to Police Calls.

Where is it?
The camp takes place at the Fort Custer, Battle Creek MI – Saturday June 18 to June 25, 2016.
Criteria for Attending
*Must be 14 to 20 years of age.
*Must be a registered member and in good standing of a law enforcement Explorer Post.
*Each post must be able to show proof of charter with the Boy Scouts of America if necessary.
Youth must be in good physical and mental condition and must not have suffered any recent injury (ie. broken bones, operations, physical sickness or behavioral problems). Any youths with questionable conditions may be required to submit a letter from their family physician, assuring their fitness. Our medical staff will also check in youths at the time of registration.
Types of Training
Youths are taught various aspects of Police Work throughout the week.During the day they receive training in the following aspects of Police work:
    • Response to Domestic Violence
    • Traffic Stops
    • Traffic Crashes
    • Building Searches
    • Crime Scene Investigation
    • Criminal Law
    • Firearms Safety
    • Live Fire with pistols and rifles
In addition to that listed above the MLEYAC is always adding new classes and training at each academy. There are also live demonstrations in the evenings.  The demonstrations vary year to year depending on availability and to offer new programs from year to year. Past demonstrations include:
    • K-9
    • Taser
    • Ballstic resistant vests
    • Police Motorcylce
    • SWAT
    • Bomb Squad
    • Police Mounted Patrols
    • Police Bicycle Patrols
A Typical Day
6:00 amWake up call from Drill Staff
6:15 amPhysical Training
7:00 amBreakfast and showers
8:00 amTraining and Drill Staff time
11:30 amLunch
1:00pmTraining and Drill Staff time
5:30 pmDinner
7:00 pmDrill Staff time
7:30 pmAcademy Formation, lowering of flag and commander speech
8:00 pmPolice Demonstration
9:00 pmDrill Staff time
10:00pm       Lights Out