State Competition

2015 Competition will be held March 27-29, 2015
at the Camp Grayling, Grayling, MI

AKA: Quest for the Governor’s Cup

During the M.L.E.Y.A.C. competition teams are judged in 4 categories.  Each team is allowed 4 members with a fifth member as an alternate.  The categories are Traffic Stops, Traffic Crash, Building Search, and Domestic Violence.  Each category is taught at the Michigan Law Enforcement Youth Training Academy and the instructors are the Lead Judge for each event at competition.  On Friday night at registration the teams are given their schedule for the following day and then know which of the four events they will be competing in.  The schedule is made up at random and no team knows which event they will participate in until Registration. CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFORMATION ON THE GOVERNOR’S CUP

Traffic Stops: The team conducts a traffic stop which may become a felony traffic stop after a LEIN check reveals a want on either the occupants or the vehicle.

Traffic Crash: The team conducts a traffic stop investigation, fills out a UD-10, a citation may need to be issued, and a full accident investigation may need to occur.

Building Search: The team enters a building and conducts a thorough search of the building, encountering suspects and making apprehensions.

Domestics: The team is called to the scene of a possible domestic dispute and must determine what occurred and if necessary make an arrest and fill out all appropriate paperwork.

2012 State Competition Winners
2012 Governor’s Cup Winner –  Kalamazoo Team #1


1st Place – Kalamazoo Team #1
2nd Place – Woodhaven Team #1
3rd Place – Sterling Heights Team #2


1st Place – Lansing Team #1
2nd Place – Ingham County Team #1
3rd Place -Southfield Team #1

Traffic Stops

1st Place – Madison Heights Team #1
2nd Place – Madison Heights Team #2
3rd Place -Southfield Team #1

Building Searches

1st Place – Kalamazoo Team #1
2nd Place – Southfield Team #1
3rd Place – Lansing Team #2